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About us

Grupo Covah is a family-managed corporation with more than 30 years of experience, holding a conglomerate of Guatemalan companies. The group invests in projects and companies from different industries, both owned and associated. Currently, the group is integrated by 15 companies, employing more than 200 guatemalans and supporting the growth of more than 250 families.

We are passionate about people, providing job opportunities and having an active role in the development of Guatemala.

our companies

Owned Companies

Are those that belong entirely to the group. The areas of influence of these companies include:

Agro-industry & Manufacturing

Real Estate

Financial Assets and Securities

Associated Companies

Are those that belong partially to the group and that have one or more external partners, who add significant value to each project. The areas of influence of these companies include:

Product Commercialization

Medical Services

Clinical Research




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18 Calle 24-69 zona 10. Centro Empresarial Zona Pradera, Torre II off. 1103/1104.

Guatemala 01010, Guatemala.

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